Sunday, March 14, 2010

Matt Gets His Braces Off

Matthew finally got his braces off.  This is the before photo.  He has had them on for about 20 months now.  He just turned 14, so he is growing into a big young man.  He is even taller than his mother now.  Matthew has grown up and blossomed into such a great helper at home with his younger brothers, and also does really well in school.  He and Nicholas completed their black belts last year and the year before, so now Matthew is working on achieving his 2nd degree black belt.  Watch out!  You don't want to run into him in a dark alley! ;)

Matthew looks so grown up with his braces off.

Krew thinks he is grown up like his older brothers.  He likes to wear their shoes and pretend that he is big.  What a cute and silly boy!

Kurt, Krew, Axel, and Kory.  Krew and Axel look like cousins, don't they?

Krew with big brother Blake.


KaSs MiLeS said...

i remember that feeling of getting your braces. off. i was 14 as well. i had them for 3 years. its hard not to keep licking your teeth! :)

Justin said...

Nice blog. It does look like Mathew is growing up. I bet he is loving life without braces. Krew is looking cute as always too.

Kyle said...

Congratulations, Matt!

Getting my braces off was so awesome. I couldn't stop looking at them in the mirror.

Amy said...

Congrats matt! I remember when mine came off I thought my teeth were enormous! I only had mine for 9 months, but it was such a weird feeling! They were ultra slimy too!

That picture of the boys together is so fun! and cute! I want to see the other ones you took!

rain said...

I remember how slimy my teeth were when I got my braces my lips just slipped all over them. It was kinda sad for me...but now I can live vicariously through Riley.

Krew and Axel do kinda look alike.

Shauna said...

I still remember the day I got my braces off, I hated those things. Matthew's teeth look so great, what a handsome smile.

Kristal Byrnes said...

Congratulations to Matt for getting the braces off at last! I'm sure he was very relieved. How long was he wearing them? I hope he didn't have to be prescribed retainers, although most ortho patients who get braces done usually need retainers afterwards.

- Kristal Byrnes